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Clubs & Activities

Throughout the year, staff members offer a variety of activities to broaden children's experiences. These are done on a voluntary basis by our staff.

At Kirkness we offer the following activities and clubs:

AMA Safety Patrollers

At Kirkness School students participate in the AMA School Safety Patrollers program. The Kirkness School AMA Student Patrollers are in grade 5 and 6 and are responsible for instructing, directing, and controlling the safe passage of Kirkness School students at the crosswalk at the beginning and end of the school day.

Office Helpers

Office helpers eat their lunch in the office, answer the phones, greet visitors and relay messages as required. By learning phone etiquette and interpersonal skills they represent Kirkness School in a positive, welcoming way.

Student Leadership

These are responsible students who take a leadership role in the school by setting a good example in their own interactions. Students meet once or twice a month to plan activities for the school. These activities might include school spirit days, acting as ambassadors for our school, fundraising activities, and community services.


This club is for students in grades 3 to 6 who enjoy singing. Students meet and practice singing for upcoming performances.

Intramurals Program

The goal of our Intramurals Program is to provide opportunities for grade 4 to 6 students to develop active, healthy lifestyles and practice sportsmanship. All Division II students are encouraged to participate in our intramurals.

Running Team

Running Team participates in various competitions with students from other schools.

Chess Club

Students interested in playing chess, have the opportunity to learn the game with a peer.


An opportunity for students to learn handbells and perform for upcoming events.