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We ask all parents to please observe the city bylaw in our drop off/pick up loading zone.  As this is a 5 minute zone we appreciate you observing the bylaw and helping to keep Kirkness students safe.  A reminder to parents that you cannot get out of your vehicle in this loading zone. 

In addition to the loading zone, we would remind you that the bus zone directly in front of the school and marked by signs on each end, is strictly for school buses and marked daycare vans.  The safety of students is our priority at Kirkness and therefore we ask parents to refrain from dropping off or picking up their children in the school parking lot.  It is unsafe for children to cut across the parking lot.  This lot is reserved for staff and handicap parking only. 

Also please note the anti-idling bylaw that took effect on January 1, 2013, which prevents vehicles from idling in designated areas near schools. 

We appreciate your cooperation and support in keeping Kirkness students safe.